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4th IAEA Technical Meeting on Spherical Tori
14th International Workshop on Spherical Torus

The Joint Meeting of
International Atomic Energy Agency

4th IAEA Technical Meeting on Spherical Tori
14th International Workshop on Spherical Torus
ENEA, Frascati, Roma, Italy
October, 7-10, 2008

The 4th IAEA Technical Meeting on Spherical Tori and the 14th International Workshop on Spherical Torus will be held at the Centro Ricerche ENEA Frascati, Roma, from 7-10 October 2008. The previous IAEA Technical Meetings on this subject were held at Tokyo (1998), São José dos Campos (2001) and St. Petersburg (2005).
The previous International Workshops on Spherical Torus were held at Oak Ridge (1994), Princeton (1995), Culham (1996), St. Petersburg (1997), Tokyo (1998), Seattle (1999), Sao Jose dos Campos (2001), Princeton (2002), Culham (2003), Kyoto (2004), St. Petersburg (2005), Chengdu (2006) and Fukuoka (2007).
The objectives of the meeting are to contribute to advancing the understanding of spherical tori (ST) and compact toroid (CT) configurations and enhancing their potential for fusion power applications. The meeting will provide a broad topic range for discussion and the opportunity to improve links between the plasma physicists in both, experimental and theoretical works. The scope of the meeting covers the full range of research activities on ST, extended to its interface with other CT fusion concepts; namely, spheromaks and field reversed configurations.
Topical areas of interest include:
  • A. Plasma Science (experiment and/or theory-computation of)
    • A.1 Plasma current and magnetic flux generation without central solenoid
    • A.2 Macroscopic equilibrium and stability
    • A.3 Microscopic turbulence and energy, particle and momentum transport
    • A.4 Wave-particle-plasma interactions and sustainment of plasma current
    • A.5 Boundary interactions and dynamics
    • A.6 Integrated scenarios for sustained high performance plasmas
  • B. Engineering and Technology
  • C. Plasma Diagnostics
  • D. Upcoming research plans
  • E. Designs concepts and issues for next-stage experiments and facilities
  • F. Concepts for future DEMO and power plants
Meeting Format
The meeting will consist of invited and contributed oral presentations, a poster session to be held during the workshop, and a summary session. It is expected that invited talks as Key Notes, will be 35 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion and session talks will be ~25 minutes with ~5 minutes for discussion. Poster sessions are expected to provide room for longer discussions.
Papers shall be focused and concise, and deliver a clear key message supported by experimental evidence and/or scientific background. Papers are expected to keep within the number of pages specified below:
Invited: 9 pages; Oral: 7 pages; Poster: 5 pages.
The official language of the meeting is English (no translation will be provided). It is expected that the combined meeting and workshop will start at 09:00 on Tuesday, 7 October 2008 and end by Friday, 16:00 on 10 October 2008. A short summary of the meeting, including recommendations, will be presented and approved during the Summary session (last session).
The abstracts will be selected and classified by the International Program Committee into both oral and poster presentations.
About 50 persons from IAEA Member States or international organizations are expected to attend. Participants should be persons actively involved in the topics of the meeting.
In order to participate in the meeting, these major steps must be completed:
    A participant will be accepted to the meeting only if the Participation Form A is transmitted to the IAEA through the appropriate Governmental representative authority (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Atomic Energy Authority). In the case the participant intends to give a contribution, the abstract should be attached.

    A one page abstract must be submitted by 10 June 2008. The abstract may be text only or contain figures and graphics, but must be only one page. The abstract must contain the authors’ names, affiliation and email address. Acceptable file formats are Microsoft Word (preferred) or PDF. The filename should be in the following format: "lastname.i.n.i.t.i.a.l.s.-topic.filetype", for example, Spitzer.I.N.-D.doc or Spitzer.I.N.-D.pdf.
    Please submit the abstract by email to:
    Subject: Abstract for IAEA TM on Spherical Tori

    Contributors of material to be included in Agency publications are required to assign all copyrights or rights to publish to the Agency. Please complete and sign Form B and send it to the IAEA Scientific Secretary (please see address at the end of this announcement).
    The authors must make sure that the files do not include copyright fonts or other impediments for reproduction.
    Authors will be informed of the acceptance of their contributions by email, by 11 July 2008.

    The abstract shall be prepared according to the following instructions:

    1. Page size: A4 (297mm by 210 mm) – vertical orientation
    2. Margins 25mm all around
    3. Layout:
      • Title: single-spaced, 14-point size, Times New Roman Font, bold
      • Authors: single-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font
      • Affiliation: single-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font, italic
      • Text: 1.5 spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font
      • Length: one page

    A Book of Abstracts will be compiled for free distribution at the meeting to every participant.

    No registration fee will be charged by the IAEA for participants to participate in the meeting. Local arrangements for accommodation, transport and meals may require a hospitality fee. As a general rule, the IAEA does not pay the costs for attendance to the meeting (i.e. travel and living expenses) of participants. However, limited funds are available to help meet the cost of attendance and participation of a few selected specialists mainly from developing countries with low economic resources. Generally, not more than one grant will be awarded to any one developing country. The grants awarded will be in the form of lump sums usually covering part of the cost of attendance. If governments wish to apply for a grant on behalf of one of their specialists, they should address specific requests to the IAEA Scientific Secretary at the International Atomic Energy Agency to this effect.
    Governments should ensure that applications for grants:
    1. are received by the IAEA before 10 June 2008
    2. are accompanied by a duly completed and signed Grant Form C and an estimate of a valid travel agent of the flight costs from/to the duty city in their country and Roma.
    3. the delegate has an accepted contribution to the meeting Applications that do not comply with the conditions mentioned above cannot be considered.
    Awards will be announced by end of August 2008.

  4. VISA
    Please check here whether you need a visa for Italy well in advance of your journey. If you need a visa, ask the Italian Consulate in your country whether you need an invitation letter. If the Consulate requires it, you may request an invitation letter
     (invitation letter in word format).
Submission of Proceeding Papers
Electronic versions of papers will be collected at the meeting during registration. A manuscript of about 7 pages for Oral and 5 pages for Poster contributions shall be prepared for inclusion on the meeting proceedings published by IAEA (it will be available on the web and will include presentations as well). Authors should submit it at the registration desk on the first day of the meeting (7 October 2008).

Instructions for preparing the manuscript can be downloaded here. Those authors preparing the manuscript using TEX tools may submit in "pdf " format.

Summary of TM
A summary report of the meeting will be prepared for submission to the “Nuclear Fusion” journal.