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Constituted in the late seventies, the Excimer Laser Laboratory, located in the ENEA Frascati Center, works on excimer lasers, emitting in the UV spectrum. The main task of the Laboratory is the characterization and optimization of high-energy, large-size excimer lasers, also implementing their industrial and scientific applications. In particular, we make available to interested parties an excimer laser-facility named Hercules and a laser-driven point-like plasma source tunable in the extreme UV and soft X-ray spectral region. Part of the work is devoted to the know-how transfer to the small/medium enterprises interested in this topic.
In the following, the laser sources available in the laboratory are shown. A partial list of their applications is also given.


HERCULES: high energy-per-pulse laser with a large output cross-section
active medium XeCl
emission wavelength 308 nm
pulse width 150 ns
pulse energy 10 J (with a flat-flat resonator)
maximum repetition rate 5 Hz
output beam dimension 5×10 cm²
possible configurations flat-flat resonator, positive branch unstable cavity,
short pulse amplifier (10 ns)
achievable intensity after focusing
(f# = 3)
> 1 TW/cm²
applications amorphous silicon annealing, surface cleaning, aluminium deoxidation, shock hardening, controlled removal of paint from old art painting, surface modification of textiles, plasma generation
Laser Hercules

 IANUS: a double discharge region laser with a high repetition rate (ENEA patent)
active medium XeCl
emission wavelength 308 nm
pulse width 100 ns
pulse energy  0.3 + 0.7 J (with a double flat-flat resonator), 100 mJ (with a self-filtering unstable resonator and oscillator-amplifier scheme)
maximum repetition rate 100 Hz
output beam cross section 1.5×2 cm² and 2×3 cm²
possible configurations flat-flat resonator, self filtering unstable resonator (SFUR), oscillator-amplifier
achievable intensity after 
focusing (f# = 3)
> 1 TW/cm²
applications check of the standard parameters for the laser beam diagnostic according to the I.S.O. document, related to the quality of a laser beam


Laser Ianus

LELLO: ultrashort pulse laser
active medium dyes
emission wavelength 308 nm
pulse width 0,5 ps
pulse energy 10 mJ
maximum repetition rate 10 Hz
output beam dimensions f= 0.2 cm 
achievable energy after amplification by IANUS 10 mJ
amplified pulse power 2GW

Laser Lello

Laser-plasma X-Ray source
emission spectrum tunable between 40 and 1800 eV
pulsewidth at 1 keV 10 ns
pulse width at 40 eV 120 ns
energy per pulse at 40-70 eV > 900 mJ
energy per pulse at 300-500 eV > 12 mJ
energy per pulse a 0.8-1.6 keV >8 mJ
 brightness in the water-window spectrum (300-500 eV) 2×1017photons/(sec×mm²×mrad²)
(0.1% bandwidth)
applications projection microlithography for microelectronic, contact microscopy of biological samples, heavy ions generations, micro-radiography, micro-optical devices, atomic spectroscopy
Sorgente di radiazione X

EUV radiation by discharge-plasma source

gas Xenon
working pressure 5 * 10 -3 mbar
discharge diameter Φ = 0.5 mm
discharge length 10 mm
voltage / current intensity 25 kV - 10 kA
repetition rate 10 Hz
discharge temporal width 250 ns
pulsewidth 60 ns FWHM
delivered energy 40 mJ/sr (whole EUV band) about 4 mJ/sr at λ = 13.5 nm (within the 2% bandwidth)
electrons temperature 30 - 40 eV
emission spectrum 10 - 20 nm
applications imaging, microscopy, spectroscopy, microlithography, photoresist testing, color centre generation, material ablation, EUV optics diagnostics, X-ray fluorescence






  • Laser beam homogenizer with a variable output cross section (ENEA patent)
  • Laser-plasma facility EGERIA
  • Energy meters and power meters
  • Intensified CCD camera with a minimum temporal gate of 5 ns
  • Large area CCD camera (1152 x 770 pixel, 17 x 25 mm², readout 1 us per pixel)
  • Microscope for transmitted and reflected light (2000X)
  • Digital oscilloscopes up to 1 GHz bandwidth
  • Micrometric movement system X-Y with PC remote control
  • Data acquisition and elaboration based on the PC - GPIB interface
  • 300 litres vacuum chamber for laser-matter interaction in controlled atmosphere
  • 400 litres vacuum chamber for microlithographic applications
  • 6 litres vacuum chamber for laser-silicon interaction
  • Optical sensors for visible light, UV light and X-rays with high temporal resolution and high sensitivity (photodiodes, phototubes, photomultipliers, pin-diodes)
  • Optical ray-tracing software (Zemax and own software)
  • Data acquisition and elaboration software, manage and control of the processes









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