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Research Centre of Frascati





This is the web-site of the Cold Fusion laboratory of ENEA in Frascati


We are dealing with :



Ø     Calorimetric measurements to

verify the excess heat from

electrolytic cell with palladium

cathode and D2O solution ;







The last version of

ENEA electrolytic cell



Ø     High resolution mass spectrometry

measurements of 4He from the

gas evolving from the electrolytic cells.



The 4He presence represents the proof of the nuclear origin of the phenomenon.








The ultra high vacuum equipment and

the quadrupole spectrometer






      The positive results of the project “New Hydrogen Energy”, carried out in the within of the Technical Scientific Unit FUSION, have been published in the ENEA technical report  RT2002/41/FUS.




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7 February 2003

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