IR High Resolution Linear Spectroscopy

The permanent staff is composed by two researchers, Dr. F. D'Amato and Dr. G. Baldacchini. Technical support is shared with neighbour laboratories, and several guests take part to the various activities.


Dr. Francesco D'Amato

Born in 1960 in Lecce (I), University Degree in Physics: Pisa, 1984 Married, one son.

Since 1986 he has been working at ENEA, Section INN-FIS-SPET (present position senior researcher) in the field of infrared lasers and spectroscopy, with application to environment monitoring and medical diagnostics. Within these fields of application, Dr. D'Amato realized and is presently operating in collaboration with "S. Filippo Neri" Hospital in Rome, Division of Gastroenterology, an instrument which measures the methane content in the human breath with the aim to assess the possibility of exploiting methane as a marker of intestinal illnesses. Moreover he is taking part to the realization of a high sensitivity CO2 analyzer for environmental monitoring.

He is co-author of about 22 scientific papers, 39 communications to conferences and one patent dealing with optical cavities for lasers.

He is a member of the Italian Physical Society.

International Activities:

Dr. Giuseppe Baldacchini

Born in 1941 in Narni (PG), Laureate in Physics in Rome, 1965 Married, three sons.

Working in ENEA since 1967, presently chief of the "Lasers and Accelerators" Section of "Innovation" Department. Formerly associated researcher at Univ. of California, Berkeley (1972) and at Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City (1976-77). He contributed with more than 110 papers to physical journals in the fields of cryogenics, molecular spectroscopy and solid state physics. Awarded with the "S. Panizza" prize for outstanding contributions in Physics by the Italian Physical Society.


Non Linear Optical Diagnostics

The permanent staff is composed by Dr. R. Fantoni and Mr. M. Giorgi. The laboratory hosts 2 - 4 guests per year, including students, italian and foreigner young scientists with fellowship, visiting scientists.

Cooperation with several European groups is carried on, mainly in the frame of EC projects.


Dr. Roberta Fantoni

Born in Rome (21/6/1955) Italian nationality. Degree in Chemistry at University of Rome "La Sapienza" (110/110 cum laude). Married, two daughters.

Senior research staff of INN/FIS/SPET, working at ENEA Frascati since 1982. Leader of the Raman/CARS activity and collaborating with the laser remote sensing group.

Working experience on laser application, starting from researches related with the project of laser isotope separation mostly dealing with IR multiphoton processes and with high resolution IR spectroscopy. Different applications of lasers related to microelectronics (thin film deposition), material science (ultrafine powder synthesis), environment (pollutant decomposition) and remote sensing. Currently the main activities in the latter field are related to the development of fluorescence lidar, used to monitor the water quality (chemical and biochemical pollution) and the vegetation health (both on phytoplancton species and on green plants), and to the remote application of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). Known expert in the field of laser spectroscopy and diagnostics, which include IR diode laser spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, visible/UV emission spectroscopy, multiphoton Ionization, Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Coherent AntiStokes Raman Scattering (CARS), Degenerate Four Wave Mixing (DFWM) and Laser Induced Grating Spectroscopy (LIGS). Present activities in the field concern the application of the spectroscopic techniques as on-line diagnostics during hydrocarbon combustion monitoring, with space and time resolved measurements, reaction intermediates and temperature. She spent working periods abroad at MPI for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen (D), at Molecular and Laser Physics Dept. of Katholic University of Nijmegen (NL) and at the Chemical Physics Dept. of E.T.H. Centrum in Zurich (CH).

Results of her scientific activity have been reported in about 120 publications.

International Activities:


Mr. Mariano Giorgi

Born in Frascati (15/9/1945) Italian nationality. Married, two sons. Technical High School diploma.

Senior technical staff of INN/FIS/SPET, working at ENEA Frascati since 1962.

After his initial activity in the field of high energy physics, he became a special in non-linear optics. He developped IR laser sources for the laser isotope separation and for FIR generation by using Raman shifters and wave mixing processes. He also participated to the development of CO2 lasers for remote sensing. Since 1990 he has the technical responsibility of the activities carried on in the Raman/CARS laboratory. Presently he cooperates with IFAM-CNR (PI) to the development of a tunable laser source in the millimetric wavelenght range.

Results of his work are collected in about 70 scientific papers and technical reports.